2017 Committees

Bell Ringer Editor: Fred Brandt  Unit Chaplain: Paul Welch
Budget: Fred Brandt Photographer: Madalyn Morehead 
Constitution and Bylaws: Fred Brandt  Registration: Callie Rae Scurry
Membership: Jake Butts Historian: Madalyn Morehead
Property: Mike Cesmat and George Harris  Hospitality:Ken and Barbara Whitman
Dessert Specialist: Diane Butts Nominating:Jake Butts
Parliamentarian: Jeff Morehead  Publicity: Paul Welch
Webmaster:  Madalyn Morehead Caravan: Ken & Barbara Whitman and Rob & Jan Wilson
Nuts and Bolts : Terry Montgomery  Budget: Annie Montgomery 
Community Service: Martha Harris  Church Music: Kathy Welch & Jan Wilson 

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