Region 3 Rally held at Myrtle Beach

We enjoyed some beautiful days at the beach this year for the Region 3 Rally, held in April in Myrtle Beach, SC. Around 140 units participated in the rally.  There were interesting seminars, exciting games, a flea market, fun entertainment,  good food, great conversations and friendships made or renewed. We had 14 people attend from  our Palmetto State Unit along with 2 guests and we had some  good times together, eating, visiting and sightseeing. The beach was so close to most of our units, we had excellent camp  sites.  We also had fun with other units as we joined them for Happy Hour or Meet and Greets.

The weather was variable, with some sun, some clouds and storms which fortunately passed close by but did not affect us. Fred and Sarah both won in the Joker Tournament! An Open House was held on Saturday that was very well-attended, with both vintage and present day trailers open for view.

Trailer Trash and proud of it!!