Tips for organization

  • Organize by area: Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Washroom, Outdoors and Tow Vehicle
  • Start by choosing a place to start, big space, little nook? Take everything out and decide what actually is useful (be honest!) If you haven’t used it for a year then you probably don’t need it. Look for the best fit when putting it back. Stacking wire shelves, plastic bins and baskets help fill the space. Square shapes maximize space.
  • Kitchen: use Tupperware type storage containers and take food items out of original packaging i.e. cereals.
  • Store most used food items in front and less frequently needed items in less accessible areas. Under the sink is a prime storage area often over looked. Folding dish drainer works well when needed and stores out of sight when not needed.
  • Food Saver which vacuum seals food helps to maximize space in freezer. Repackage food in 2 serving portions and add marinade if appropriate before freezing. She uses food saver bags to freeze soups.
  • Nesting cookware is available thru Amazon that has snap-off handles, smaller sizes all fit within the footprint of the largest pot. A thin plastic cutting board uses less space than a heavier, bulkier wooden cutting board. Use oven for storage.
  • Bedroom: Add hooks on inside of closet doors. Hang the hangers on backwards so they do not fall off the bar in the closet while traveling. Plastic bins can be stored on closet floor under hanging clothes.
  • Living Room: Use an outlet strip attached to outlet but in more convenient place. Create an office tote and place cutlery storage tray on top with essential office supplies. Storage behind sofa can hold a CD wallet filled with DVD movies, uses much less space than in bulkier original cases. Can purchase ottoman with storage inside from Target, doubles as extra seating.
  • Washroom: baskets under sink hold cleaning supplies, cosmetics. Use short spray bottles for cleaning supplies instead of bigger original packages, mark clearly with contents! Medicine cabinet can be organized with small bins that hold small items and are held in place with an expansion rod when traveling.
  • A 1-1/2 gallon bucket can be multi purpose: shower basket for trips to the bathhouse, hand washing, storage when not in use. Compartments overhead should hold lightweight items.
  • Tow vehicle: Can organize tools in tool chest in truck bed, larger totes can be used for off season clothing.
  • Documents: make copies of favorite recipes and keep in plastic protective covers in 3 ring binder. Use scanner to make electronic copies and store as PDF files on computer, back-up is essential for computer if critical documents are stored on it.
  • Remember you have to maintain a balance between space and weight! You don’t want to put more weight in the back than in the front. Weigh your trailer twice a year to make sure it is within weight range.

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